The Enlightened Way to Fly Private

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For the savvy traveler


Our 10-hour Jet Card affords you all the benefits of private air travel at an excellent value. This includes concierge-level service from our Michigan-based client support team that extends beyond your flight. With a flexible payment plan available, the BC Flight Jet Card allows you to leverage the convenience of corporate jet ownership without any of the commitment.


BC Flight elevates private aviation. We provide an effortless travel experience by delivering remarkable trip management, responsiveness, and reliability. Enjoy true white glove service that begins with our Michigan-based client support team and which extends beyond your flight. With personalized special touches inclusive in our competitive rates, discover the true luxury of private air travel.


From intimate private jets to heavy charter jets, BC Flight will secure the appropriate aircraft to ensure a relaxing trip. Interior elements are carefully selected by our team to create the most comfortable setting for your trip, including deluxe seating, refined furnishings, and more.


Arrive approximately 10 minutes before your departure time, be airborne within another 10 minutes, and avoid the inconvenience of large crowds. Private terminals and dedicated parking provide fast, secure and convenient access, enabling you to relax or increase productivity with your most precious asset – time.


Upon arrival, a member of our team will escort your vehicle directly to the aircraft. From there, step into your private jet cabin, and unwind within minutes. Savor complimentary refreshments like chilled champagne and a custom charcuterie board as you enjoy the amenities of your private space.


During the reservation process, BC Flight verifies the FAA certification for all operators and aircraft. Remain at ease with the discretion of the BC Flight experience, including private airport terminals, private passenger lists and itineraries, the option to assist with or directly coordinate private security needs and more.


Whether you are traveling for important business, meeting friends for an annual golf trip, or escaping to a luxurious destination, our dedicated specialists will match you to the best jet to fit your experience. BC Flight provides clients with concierge-level service, including itinerary arrangements, special accommodations, ground transportation, and more. With our passion for aviation and service, BC Flight is transforming private air travel into a relaxing and seamless experience.

Personal Leisure Trips
When you fly with BC Flight, your flight should be the most relaxing part of your trip – especially when you are setting out on a luxury getaway. Consider our dedicated support specialist your personal travel concierge, and treat your private jet cabin like your relaxing oasis in the sky. The only thing left to do is pop the champagne.
Corporate Jet Travel
BC Flight allows business owners to stimulate company growth, by reinforcing employee retention and increasing time savings. As an impressive tool to help expand your business, a corporate jet program attracts seasoned executives, in-demand technical talent, or high-powered salespeople. For executives who are stretched thin, flying with us allows them the time to fly in and out of most US locations on the same day, and return home for dinner with their families. The quiet, intimate nature of private jet cabins offers an opportunity to discuss crucial business without interruption.


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